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News: Kidney transplant brings bus driver/passenger together

Defensive Driving and Lift Operations Training
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Alabama Bid Law presentation

Congratulations to Keith Patterson, Cullman Area Rural Transit System (CARTS) on his second place finish in the Body on Chassis Division and also for being recognized as Rookie of the Year. Congratulations also to Jim Padgett, Baldwin Area Rural Transit System (BRATS) on his third place finish in the Mini-Van Division.

Video of the RIDE Simulator

New TCRP Report "Guidebook for Rural Demand-Response Transportation: Measuring, Assessing, and Improving Performance"

Results from the FY 2014 CTAA National Bus and Paratransit Roadeo Competition

Body-On-Chassis Results
Second Place: Wade Hancock, CARTS
Eighth Place: Ray Mayo, BRATS
Thirty-Sixth Place: David Sandlin, CARTS

MiniVan Division
Eighth Place: Dennis Grove, CARTS

Powerpoint presentations from the Alabama Rural Transit Assistance Program Annual Spring Meeting.

Click here for the Clean Fuels presentation.

Click here for the Transit Bus Safety presentation.

Click here for the Affordable Care Act Impact for Small Employeers presentation.

Click here for the Affordable Care Act: On the Front Line presentation.

Click here for the Making health care reform work for Alabama presentation.

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Bus and paratransit Roadeo

2015 Statewide Roadeo Results

WTA Driver Award

View photos taken at the recent "Effectively Managing Transit Emergencies" Class facilitated by TSI

New Events Announced for FY2015. Click on the Calendar or Events page for details.

Here are previous winners from the Statewide Roadeo Competitions!

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The Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) recently released a colelction of documents realted to transit. Click on the link below to read the information.

TCRP Report "Use of Mobility Deveices on Paratransit Vechiles"

Legal Research Digest 44: Legal Issues in Public Transit Emergency Planning and Operation.

Legal Research Digest 41: Transit Labor 13(c) Employee Protection Digest.

Legal Research Digest 44: Legal Issues in Public Transit Emergency Planning and Operation.

Research Results Digest 108: Synthesis of Information Related to Transit Problems.

TCRP Annual Report of Progress 2013.

Synthesis 108: Transit Bus Operator Distraction Policies.

Report 129: Local and Regional Funding Mechanisms for Public Transportation.

Report 148: Practical Resources for Recruiting Minorities for Chief Executive Officers at Public Transportation Agencies.

Report 162: Building a Sustainable Workforce in the Public Transportation Industry - A Systems Approach.

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